Manufactured Housing Communities Insurance

Manufactured Housing Community Insurance for Owners and Developers

If you own a manufactured housing community, are considering purchasing a community, or if you are in the process of developing one, you face multiple risks that could affect your financial security.   Occupant negligence, windstorm, tornados, fire and damage to residences in transit are just some of the areas where you may be vulnerable. The larger your mobile home park and the more amenities you provide, the greater your risk.

Fortunately, insurance for manufactured housing communities can protect you from disaster.   Property damage and litigation can be covered by insurance, rather than having these losses come out of your own pocket. This insurance protects you, your entity, and employees.

What manufactures Housing Communities Insurance Covers

Manufactured housing communities insurance, or mobile home park owner/developer insurance, gives you broad coverage to protect you against a variety of risks. Insurance for property, general liability, workers compensation and auto are frequently included.  Policies can cover both or either mobile home and RV parks.

Your mobile homes (assembled off-site and transported to the park) or manufactured homes (assembled in pieces on-site) are covered against damage or loss due to fire, storms, most natural disasters, accidents in transit to the park, and occupant negligence.  Coverage can be applied to established manufactured housing communities as well as those that are in the construction or development phases.

Furthermore, you receive liability coverage for claims like injuries where you as the owner or developer are deemed to be at fault.  Liability protection also typically extends to other common claims, such as discriminatory rental practices and wrongful eviction.

Vehicles used in the operation of the park are usually covered, as are amenities like restaurants, community centers, recreational facilities, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

Questions to Ask 

When selecting manufactured housing community insurance, you want to make sure the policy covers everything you need, so there are no areas where you could be financially or legally vulnerable. Some questions to ask before choosing a policy include:

  • Are you a mobile home park owner or developer? (This insurance is not for owners or renters of individual mobile homes.)
  • What does the policy specifically cover, including amenities? Does this align with your perceived risks? Will it cover you through all phases from development to occupancy?
  • Do you need to add special coverage for catastrophic debris removal or business interruption?
  • Do any natural risks preclude you from participating in certain insurance, such as being in a high-risk wildfire or Tier 1 wind zone?
  • What documentation is required? Typically, things like current insurance policies, community regulations, pet policies, lease agreements, and financial statements may be requested.

Why We're Different

Our independent agents can review all of this with you and help you find the best policy that works for your community. You will enjoy personalized service and insurance tailored to your needs, not generic mobile home park coverage.